High Precision Filtration Water Soften Treatment

High Precision Filtration Water Soften Treatment
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There are lots of impurities and magnesium ions in tap water, they become deposits of calcium carbonate once they meet high temperatures, and Chloride will affect the exchanging of resin Cation.

The Intensifier needs pure softened water, so it's very necessary to precision filtration.Teenking water treatment system is using a 4 class precision filtration, combined with resin Cation softening, and the generated water can fully meet the requirements of the intensifier, can let the lifetime of all high-pressure sealing components and high pressureparts last for more several years.

Why do we need this water treatment system?

There are lots of impurities and magnesium ions in tap water, will form into incrustations once meet with high temperatures, and the process of water compressed by high-pressure pump will generate high temperatures, and the hardness of water determine the speed of incrustation, moreover, these incrustations harmful to high pressure parts, this directly affects the lifetime of the high pressure components.

Teenking water treatment system is using resin and precision filter by manufacturing the dedicated soften pure water which the intensifier is needed, and it can automatically do the cleanings and recycling use of resin, keeps the resin work for a long time. After years of experiences, this system can maximize prolong the life time of all high components parts.


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