Waterjet Abrasive Tank 200L / 2T

Waterjet Abrasive Tank 200L / 2T
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Waterjet abrasive tank 100L

Auto abrasive feeding system ( 200L )

TEENKING auto-abrasive feeding system can feeding the garnet from a bulk tank to mini hopper by air pressure (3bar) within 5 meter away from the machine, It is automatic and stable durable system, can maximum work with 2 abrasive cutting heads.

TEENKING 1 ton non-stop abrasive feeding system:

You can put 200L garnet into the 250L tank, when abrasive will finish then machine will be have a alram and remind you to put garnet into the tank, it can keep the machine always working and no need to stop the machine to fill into the garnet to the tank, it can be do when sand short alraming.

You can put 2 ton of garnet onto big top container, After finish bulk tank, it can automatically refill the garnet from the big top container, so it can realize non-stop abrasive feeding for waterjet cutting machine.

Waterjet abrasive tank 100L

Auto abrasive feeding system (2T)

Looking for cost-effective high-end water jet cutting machine auto abrasive delivery system? Teenking company can provide 100L or 200L or 2T abrasive feeder system. Which is one of the professional manufacturers in China who is equipped with skillful personnel and advanced equipment. We also deal with customized business to make customers 100% satisfied. 3 type of abrasive feeder system for you choose. it can satisfied with different kind of request .


Upper bulk amx load capacity, 2000kgs of garnet .

Lower hopper work automatically, open valves, fill garnet from upper bulk up to full , close value, delivery garnet by air pressure.

Which can load abrasive to the upper bulk any time, No need to stop machine.