KMT-H2O 60k PSI Intensifier High Pressure Pump for Water Jet Cutting Machine

KMT-H2O 60k PSI Intensifier High Pressure Pump for Water Jet Cutting Machine
Product Details

KMT Waterjet H20 JET 50
  KMT H2O JET 50 High-pressure pump is a low-cost, high-efficiency new choice of waterjet cutting applications!
  KMT H2O Jet 50 using KMT advanced turbocharger technology, provides customers with long-lasting and stable using performance.
  H2O JET 50 adhering to the new, minimalist design, iseasyto control and use.
  Under the pressure of 60,000psi, it's easy to cut steel, aluminum, stone and other materials.
  The compact pump design makes it easy to replace seals and to provide up to 60,000psi high-pressure cutting at any location needed.

H2O JET 50 Features:

  PLC basic control
  Switch control and stop
  Electronic control hydraulic reversing
  Manual cooling water valve (oil/water heat exchanger)
  Remote on/off, stop, high and low voltage conversion
  Low pressure water pump / 10 um filter/ pressure manometer
  Return oil filter
  Double pressure compensation
  Low pressure water relief valve (30psi)
●  60,000psi design

Technical data

H2O JET 50 High Pressure Pump
System Information Unit
Rated Power 22 kW/PS
Maximum Continuous Pressure 60,000/4137 psi/bar    
Maximum Flow 3.8 L/min
The Biggest Single Nozzle Diameter   0.36/mm
The Control Voltage and Power 24V DC;5 Amps DC
Maximum Noise Level 75/dB(A)
Oil Tank Capacity 114/L
Cooling Water Consumption(24℃) 11.4L/min
Accumulator Capacity

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