CNC cutting machine, cutting speed control

Many enterprises in the use of gantry CNC cutting machine CNC cutting machines tend to

overlook the details when problems, portable CNC cutting machine and these details can

improve the utilization rate of our plates, reduce plate loss. For example we have the

choose of cutting speed is especially important when cutting, optimal cutting speed ranges

can be selected according to the device instructions or tests to determine, due to the

thickness of the material, different materials, high and low melting point and thermal

conductivity as well as factors such as the surface tension of molten, the cutting speed

has a corresponding change.
Specific performance:
1, and Dang cutting speed low Shi, desktop NC cutting machine due to cutting at is plasma

arc of anode, NC, ion cutting machine to maintained arc itself of stable, anode spots or

anode district must to in away from arc recently of cut sewing near found conduction

current of place, while will to Jet of radial passed more of heat, so makes incision

variable wide, incision sides melting of material in end of margin gathered and

solidification, formed easily cleanup of hanging slag, and incision Shang margin for

heating melting too much and formed round angle.
2, cutting too fast makes the cutting line is less than the value that you want, and slit-

Jet fast CNC flame cutting machine cutting molten melt blown immediately away from larger

drag, accompanied by cutting slag, hang cut surface quality.
3, when the rate is extremely low, as the incision is too wide, arcing even put out. Thus,

CNC cutting machine manufacturers better cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.
4, CNC cutting machine, cutting the speed increase in moderation can improve the quality of

incision, which is narrow, upper surface smoother and reduces deformations, invisible

material loss is avoided.