CNC cutting process

General CNC flame cutting machines in the implementation needed to complete the design before cutting and cutting process of editing and processing, in order to ensure quality, generally do not work directly through point on the contour (flint), but away from the bow and arrow at a distance over the cutting line before entering the contours of the workpiece, this line is often referred to as cutting leads or inlet. Inlet length is determined by the thickness of the material and the cutting methods used to determine, in General, lead wire length can be increased depending on thickness and length.
Inlet arrangements should pay attention to the following points:
1, the introduction of perforation and cutting line without affecting the case, should be as short as possible, their introduction should be consistent with the cutter running direction as much as possible. Splashing slag in perforation should not fly to the cutting machine, cutting machine is up and running in the opposite direction and flew away.
2, the introduction of wire in cut arrangements of workpiece lumen
① direct lead in the actual cutting of straight wire most commonly used, but cutting, easy at the end left a dent and a small tail. When the Chamber is square, lead from a corner cut, circular cavity in general no requirement.
Second round leader, if you require high quality cutting point, preferably using round wire,
③ lead in cutting workpiece shape in the cutting profile, generally uses the straight wire.
④ design inlet should also minimize the material waste, sometimes combined with sets of materials to consider.