CNC flame cutting machine cutting tips

NC flame cutting machine of using, except on hardware equipment and the operation process of requirements zhiwai, on common easy loss pieces and the accessories of quality stability also need has must of understand, cut mouth as NC flame cutting machine key parts one of, in usually of using process in the, need operation workers on its quality has better of grasp, following is according to on cutting quality of observation summary of some cut mouth fault and the processing method, hope can to everyone is reference.

1, desktop CNC cutting machine head and torch combined with lax processing flame after ignition is normal, but when you open the cutting oxygen valve and flame immediately goes out. Due to cutting head and cutting torch, and lax. You should tighten the cutting nozzle, invalid should be removed when cutting, lightly with fine sandpaper. Abrasive cutting head mating surface until the match closely.

2, keep the cutting channel clean mouth channel should be kept clean and smooth, dirt in pores should always use clean needles.

3, after flame ignition, flame when the preheat oxygen control valve unscrew adjustment if flame goes out immediately, the reason is that each gas channel keeps dirt or shoot suction Bell contact lax, and cutting your coat and mismatch within the mouth. At this point, shoot straw nut should be tightened; invalid, should remove the shoot straw clears dirty within the gas channel and adjust the cutting gap within the coat with and tightening.

4 Select the appropriate cutting, CNC cutting machine based on cutting workpiece thickness, select the appropriate cutting tip. When assembling a torch, must keep the mouth and the mouth in concentric, to ensure the cutting oxygen Jet in Center of preheated flame, note tighten cutting tip nut when installing the cutting nozzle.

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