CNC plasma cutter gas main

CNC plasma cutting machine you can use protection there are many kinds of gases, such as compressed air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and so on.
Compressed air used the most, due to air's low cost and convenient.

Nitrogen is a commonly used shielding gas in nitrogen plasma arc with supply high voltage has better stability and higher Jet energy,

And hanging on the edge of slag under the incision is very small. Nitrogen can be used alone or mixed with other gases, nitrogen is often used as a gas plasma cutting arc.

Argon under high temperature condition hardly react with any metal, and the cutting nozzle and electrode also have higher service life.

Argon plasma arc voltage low enthalpy is not high, limited cutting capacity, relative to the air cutting of argon plasma cutting thickness is about 25%.

In addition the surface tension of molten metal in argon than increases in nitrogen environment around 20% will hang more slag.

Even with the argon and other gases mixture cut will have a tendency to slag. Therefore, is now rarely use pure argon alone desktop CNC cutting machine for plasma cutting.

CNC plasma cutting machine is now cutting plate device of choice, due to the use of compressed air to cut the cost of manufacturing is more economical,
But considering that contains a variety of gases in the air, portable CNC cutting machine to achieve high quality cutting effects mastery of the detail parameter is very important.
Air contains about 78% volumes of nitrogen, so hang slag and cut the air with nitrogen cutting like. CNC cutting machine contains about 21% volume of oxygen in the air,
Due to the presence of oxygen, low carbon steel cutting speed quickly with air.

But when using air plasma cutting alone, appears to hang large amount of slag, incision or problems such as nitrogen oxide, and electrode and increase of cutting losses,
Reduced life expectancy will influence to increase efficiency and cut costs. Plasma cutting or steep outer characteristics with constant current power supply, torch improve later
Current changes are small, but will increase the arc length and lead to increase in arc voltage, so that the arc power; but at the same time the CNC plasma cutter arc length of exposure in the environment,
The greater the energy loss of the arc column.

Under the above two factors, gantry CNC cutting machine of the former action often is completely offset by the latter, against cutting the effective cutting energy
Cutting capacity. CNC flame cutting machines usually cut Jet blowing force weakens, cutting lower residual slag increased, such as rounded upper edge of the melt.
In addition, form into consideration from the plasma Jet, Jet leaving the nozzle is to expand in diameter,
Nozzle height increases will lead to increased width incision.

Therefore, in order to improve the quality of cutting speed and cutting, CNC cutting machine manufacturers should choose a small nozzle height as possible, but also not too small,
Because the nozzle height too low can easily lead to double arc phenomenon. If it is outside the ceramic nozzle, nozzle can be set to zero,
Such an effect would be more effective.