CNC plasma cutting machine cutting angle adjustment can

CNC plasma cutter oval throughout by plasma arc cutting materials, glass cutting, because elliptical arc make the cut surface to form a certain angle of tilt, in practical application, CNC flame cutting machine according to different processing needs, we need to know how much this tilt angle, in order to determine the cutting of materials can meet the secondary processing requirements. CNC plasma cutting machine cutting angle and cutting quality of materials and the use of plasma power relationships. For example, when using a CNC plasma cutting machine, cutting aluminum, texture softer metals such as titanium, its low roughness, cutting surface, roughness at cutting carbon plate is equivalent to flame cutting with 25um, but large tilt angle. Plasma power supply of different types of cut surface roughness is slightly different, using different cutting gas also affects the cutting surface roughness. Plasma cutting speed, high cutting height requirements, water cut easier to leave cutting slag, hang hang metal content of the slag does not burn more than flame cutting, relatively difficult to remove.
Below is a summary of several plasma power supply cutting slope parameters:
Domestic plasma Beveling: 6-15 °
Importing plasma Beveling: <5 °
Laser Plasma Beveling: =3 °

Because flow in the plasma cutting process led plasma arc trajectory tilt, so the cutting section of a certain angle of slope, and the section of gradients of plasma cutting is inevitable.
Plasma cutting of the effect is determined by many factors, such as cutting speed settings, air compressor for pressure loss value, cutting ... .... Causes more plasma power supply is only one of the factors that influence the effect of cutting.