Gas types and cutting characteristics of NC flame cutting machine

CNC flame cutting machines as CNC cutting products, plays an important role in cutting field. CNC flame cutting machines in the user's actual use of those gases is often used to configure above the CNC cutting machine, the following friends and answer for a user:

1. gas: gas is what we usually say, which is what we usually Cook using combustion gases, it is using coal as raw material producing fuels or raw materials. Gas is a clean form of energy, is a synthesis of important chemical raw material, but can also be used in cutting, using a gas cutting cost is relatively low, but poor cutting ability. General cutting used less gas.

2. acetylene: in early of cutting market, acetylene is using up of cutting gas, due to its perforation when than propane badly, so many customer in cutting more thick of low carbon steel Shi, will select acetylene for cutting, its price also compared cheap, domestic cutting industry of most manufacturers are select acetylene for cutting gas, with propane of price declined, propane gradually replaced has acetylene of part market.

3. the propane: propane is a three-carbon alkane, releasing heat, CNC cutting machine as a new flame cutting gas propane gas high efficiency low cost, portable CNC cutting machine and safety, environmental protection and so on. Works better than acetylene cutting workpiece and gas, only after preheating, perforation than acetylene to almost, because propane prices are relatively modest, so cutting is currently the industry's mainstream gas.

CNC flame cutting machines have been widely applied in the machinery manufacturing industry. CNC flame cutting machine has the advantage of what exactly makes it invincible?

1. CNC flame cutting machine can complete straight line, Groove, v-groove, y-shaped Groove cut and special cut. Equipped with special cutting RADIUS lever device can also implement circular cutting;

2. CNC flame cutting function installed at two or three cutting torches, gantry CNC cutting machine to cut two or three lines to improve cutting efficiency;

3. CNC plasma cutting machine, using advanced numerical control technology, can cut any complex shape parts by programming, CAD drawing conversion can be achieved directly cutting;

4. CNC flame cutting machine of low cost, high efficiency, simple desktop CNC cutting machine, particularly suited to small and medium enterprises requirements for 6mm the thickness of the steel plate cutting NC plasma cutting machine is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum, metallurgy, boilers, metal structure industry.