Plasma cutting machine maintenance considerations

CNC flame cutting machine, the maximum consumable's count as plasma cutting torches. Then

we use the plasma cutting process, how to extend the life of plasma cutting torch? Below

are summarized a few notes:
1. assembling the torch
Select model of NC plasma cutting machine cutting torch, torch correctly, make sure that

all the parts fit together well, ensuring that gases and cooling air flow. Must be

installed on all parts on a clean cloth, to avoid dirt adhesion on the part. Add

appropriate lubricant to the O-rings, with O-rings to brighten as the standard, not more.
2. Consumable parts completely before you replace
Consumable parts do not use completely and then replaced, because severe wear of electrode

and nozzle and vortex rings will have uncontrollable plasma arc, easily cutting torch

caused severe damage. So when I first discovered gantry CNC cutting machine, cutting the

quality drops, you should check the consumable parts.
3. Cleaning the cutting torches of connection thread
When the replacement of consumable parts or routine maintenance checks, be sure to keep the

torch inside and outside thread clean, if necessary, clean or repair the connection thread.
4. Clean the electrode and nozzle contact surface
In many cutting torch and nozzle contact surface and contact surface of the electrode is

charged, if the dirt on the contact surface, cutting torch is not working properly,

hydrogen peroxide type cleaning agent should be used to wash the electrode and nozzle.
5. Check gas and cooling air
Daily check the flow and pressure of gases and cooling air flow, if inadequate flow or leak

is found, should be immediately shut down to clear the fault.
6. Avoid cutting torch collision damage
In order to avoid collision damaged desktop CNC cutting machine cutting torches should be

correct and careful programming of CNC cutting machine to avoid system overload walking

portable CNC cutting machine can install Auto arc voltage increases or collision-avoidance

device to avoid collisions and collision damage to the torch.