Principle of plasma and flame cutting

CNC plasma cutting machine
Plasma cutting is a type of thermal cutting programme, its working principle is based on high compression gas as the working gas, plasma arc for high temperature and high heat, the metal will be cut at local melting, and at the same time with high speed air blowing molten metal, forming a narrow kerf. Available in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, all conductive metals: carbon steel cutting, cutting speed, cutting not only narrow incision formation, small heat-affected zone, low degree of deformation of the workpiece.

CNC flame cutting machine
Flame cutting is most old of eager cut way, only can cutting carbon steel, its cutting metal thickness from 1mm to 500mm, but Dang you need cutting of most low carbon steel plate thickness in 20 mm following Shi, should used other cutting way; flame cutting equipment of benefits is early investment cost lower and is cutting thick metal Board only economic effective of means, but in sheet cutting aspects has its insufficient of at. Compared with plasma, flame cutting heat-affected zone of a lot bigger, and heat distortion is relatively large, many fine flame shape is difficult to achieve the perfect cut. In order to cut accurately and effectively, the operator needs to have the prowess to flame cut metal plates in a timely manner avoiding the heat