Some considerations for flame cutting machine in operation

Operation of NC flame cutting machine safety investigation
(1) check the gas valve, if there is no leak, gas safety device is valid.
(2) check the gas inlet pressure provided by compliance requirements.
(3) check the power supply voltage is provided by compliance requirements.
Second, pay attention to action of NC flame cutting machine
1. adjustment is cut parallel to the plate, to keep track of.
2. According to the thickness and material, select the appropriate cutting tip. Cutting perpendicular to the plate.
3. depending on the thickness and material, cutting speed and warm-up time to reset the machines, CNC plasma cutting machine set reasonable Preheat oxygen, oxygen cutting pressure.
4. upon ignition, it may not touch the flame area. Operators should try to take a small splash of cutting methods protect the cutting nozzle.
5. check the flame, as well as the cutting oxygen Jet, such as cutting damage, should be replaced, cleaning. Clean cutting tools clean.
6. cutting process of the tempering behavior occurs, should be promptly cut off power supply, shut down and turn off the gas valve, tempering valve if the burn, you should stop using, such as manufacturers or professionals for a replacement.
7. when the CNC flame cutting machine operators, should always pay attention to the operating conditions, if there are any anomalies, should press the emergency stop switch, exiting in a timely manner, do not boot from the scene.
8. the operator should be aware that after you finish gantry CNC cutting machine, cutting a workpiece should be cut from the promotion back in place, when you run to the next station, and then cut.
9. the operator should be required to cut the requirement of selection cutting speed portable CNC cutting machine in order to improve efficiency and increase the load is not allowed, use the equipment life and the relationship between efficiency and environmental protection.
Three, CNC flame cutting machine operation is completed after the security check
1. the equipment should be returned to the security area after we have completed, close the valve. Residual gas tube should be placed up and turns off the power.
2. If the shift system, desktop CNC cutting machine operating conditions make the shift on duty should be recorded.
3. should be carefully cleaned, keep the work area clean and avoid accidents.
Of four, daily maintenance
1. personnel are not allowed to stand, step step, relying on lead, small CNC cutting machine does not allow impact, track surface with compressed air after dust removal gauze dipped in each class 20# oil rub rail. Keep rail surface smooth and clean.
2. drive on daily cleaning should be 20# oil, grains spatter on the rack is not allowed.
3. the operator only allows disassembly cutting nozzle, remaining parts won't be able to disassemble, electrical junction box only when the persons concerned are allowed to open.
4. If the device fails, the Shanghai CNC cutting machine maintenance personnel in a timely manner, when the fault, should CNC cutting machine manufacturers equipment section organizes the concerned personnel triaged and maintenance programme for maintenance treatment.
5. unauthorized teardown inspection CNC flame cutting machine is strictly prohibited.