the waterjet also has a running-in period

Many users find that the waterjet machine has been bought back and it has just been a problem for a few days. Some people think that the quality of the waterjet is a big problem.

In fact, there are generally two reasons for this situation. One is that the waterjet cutter manufactured by the manufacturer does not meet the standard; the other is caused by the improper use of the waterjet during the running-in period.

The running-in period is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the water jet, reducing the failure rate and prolonging its service life. Many people do not pay much attention to the special requirements of using waterjets during this period. Long-term overload use has led to frequent failures in the early use of waterjets. The newly assembled parts have deviations in geometry and mating dimensions. In the initial stage of use, due to the alternating load such as impact and vibration, as well as the influence of heat and deformation, and the excessive wear and tear, it is easy to make the original tight. Solid parts are loose. Since the fitting clearance of the newly assembled components is small, and it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the matching gap due to assembly and the like, the lubricating oil (fat) does not easily form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thereby reducing the lubrication efficiency and causing abnormal early wear of the water jet. In severe cases, the friction surface of the precision fit may be scratched or bitten, resulting in malfunction.

Just as the car that is used in the running-in period needs to be more careful than the normal period in terms of driving speed and vehicle maintenance, the waterjet is actually a truth. Due to insufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the machine (especially new operators), it is easy to cause malfunctions due to operational errors, and even cause mechanical accidents. During this period, the maintenance of the waterjet must be done according to the requirements of the manufacturer. Try not to use the maximum pressure during the waterjet running-in to cut the cutting process, and try to keep the running-in period as long as possible. Don't press it, you are very eager to take back your investment. During the use of the waterjet, pay more attention to the various reactions that occur during the waterjet cutting process, and deal with some minor problems in time.

Another reason is the reason why the waterjet manufacturers produce themselves. This point needs to remind all friends to have some understanding of the word-of-mouth and machine performance of all aspects of the manufacturer when buying waterjets. Don’t just listen to the manufacturers and say how they are good. Don't pursue the price too much. Everyone should know the truth for the price.