water jet parquet


Whether it is an office building, a plaza, a hotel, a hotel, a large shopping mall, an opera house, a movie theater, or even a residential building lobby, this stone mosaic can be seen everywhere. Is it very doubtful how the hard stone like marble makes this kind of parquet?


Waterjet parquet can make a stone become highly decorative and beautiful, and it is made by waterjet. This time we are talking about the processing principle of waterjet parquet.

Waterjet parquet is a water-jetting machine that cuts parquet plates. It is a kind of parquet plate cutting method for ordinary stone mosaic. Waterjet machine is an advanced and unique processing method. Its block is random and not subject to processing. Difficulty limits, regardless of processing efficiency, processing quality, decorative effects are currently the most ideal equipment for processing difficult mosaics.


The processing principle of stone waterjet parquet is: using computer-aided drafting software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to convert people's designed patterns into NC programs through CAD, and then transfer NC programs to CNC water cutting machine, after According to the design requirements, the selected natural stone is cut into independent graphic components by CNC water cutting machine. Then, each stone pattern component is manually spliced, repaired and bonded into a whole, and finally polished and polished, thus completing the processing of the entire waterjet parquet.