What is waterjet and what can it cut

Recently a lot of new customers are interested in waterjet cutting machines. And we’d like to offer some basic information firstly.

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What’s waterjet?

Waterjet also called waterjet cutting system, it’s a cutting technology supported by high pressure water jet. With the CNC controlled, the water jet machine can cut any work-piece but has little affect on the material. Because of the low processing cost, easy operation and high yield, waterjet is becoming the main cutting method for industrial cutting.


We have different types of waterjet based on different divisions.

Classify by whether adding abrasive, there are pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet;

Classify by equipment, there are huge waterjet, mini waterjet, 3D waterjet and dynamic waterjet’

Classify by pressure, we have high pressure type and low pressure type waterjet. Usually take 100MPa as standard: it’s high pressure over 100MPa, low pressure lower than 100MPa, and extra high pressure if over 200MPa.

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Why waterjet cutting is so popular?

Because water jet has many advantages:

1.       CNC forming different types sophisticated patterns.

2.       Being cold cutting, cause no thermal deformation and no thermal effect.

3.       Non pollution, no poisonous gas or dust when cutting.

4.       Designed to machine almost all kinds of high hardened materials, like glass, porcelain and stainless steel, etc. ; or some soft materials, like leather, PU, rubber and disposable diapers, etc.

5.       Being the only method for cutting some composite materials and fragile ceramic and porcelain.

6.       The kerf is smooth but without any slag or burr, no need secondary operation.

7.       It’s one-time process for drilling, cutting and molding.

8.       Low finished cost

9.       High automaticity

10.   Able to do 24-hours continuous work

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Waterjet cutting machine is designed to cut complicated and dedicated patterns, like decorating parquets, carve patterns screen; thick and hard materials, like stainless steel and mild steel over 40-200mm; fragile materials, like glass and ceramic; and also some materials which can not stand head, like aluminum and bronze, etc.

                                              ------Edited by Yanki Feng, Teenking Waterjet