What's the basic components for a Waterjet?

What's the basic components for a Waterjet?

Waterjet cutting machines can vary, most of them are made up by

a high pressure pump, image

a cutting table that's filled with water and holds the material on surface, image

a nozzle that emits the jetstream,image

an X-Y motion system to move the nozzle and a CNC controller. image

and of course there are recommendanded accessories such as water treatment which filters and softend the income water, image

an abrasive bulk which supplies abrasive to the cutting head,image

and an oil fan cooler, image

TEENKING tables are water-filled tanks with grids supports that holds the material. The material can be submerged under the water, making the cutting quiet and clean.

TEENKING waterjet cutting machines have hoppers that hold and dispense abrasive during the cutting process.