5 Axis Waterjet Cnc Machine

5 Axis Waterjet Cnc Machine
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5 Axis Precision DYP Tilting Head

DYP head is the  latest 5 Axis Waterjet Cnc Machine by Teenking Waterjet company, combines the two main functions of the previous DY and DYB head, able to do high accuracy vertical cutting and parquet cutting with tilting angle. Supported by the high end Harmonic Drive, gear box and the continuously improved design, this 5-axis head has reached the peer-leading level, accuracy, and performance, since it need not slow down even at the sharp and thin corner. And its USA made high pressure watere switch assembly greatly stabilized the water jetting performance.

Within +/-10º dynamic beveling and compensating, it eliminates the certain taper at the kerfs from waterjet and do different beveling cut on the kerfs for inner and outside pieces. That means when putting 2 pieces together, the gap on the surface is narrower than the bottom, enabling it cut well for marble, granite, ceramic parquet and mosaic, glass, and metal, etc. 5 Axis Waterjet Cnc Machine becoming more and more popular in waterjet parquet cutting field.



       TeenKing 5 axis:waterjet cutting machine
 Unit Name                Beveling Head
    Applicable industry                Major for stone/ceramic parquet, also for metal, and other material
                characters                Cut with vertical compensation
                Beveling cut with degree +/-10°
                High efficiency in bevel cutting for stone/ceramic parquet

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