High Quality CNC Waterjet Machine

High Quality CNC Waterjet Machine
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The traditional Water Jet, Laser Cutting Machine or Plasma Cutting Machine also have a problem of trailing phenomenon, lead to bend at the bottom of the work piece.It is very difficult to overcome.

But with our Tilting Head Water Jet, this problem is easily to solve.Especially for cutting thick metal , it can ensure high accuracy cutting and perfect cutting effect .

Aplications:High precision cutting especially for vertical cut .

Funtions: *Vertical compensation dynamically *Tilting cut with +/-8 degrees *Marble , granite , ceramic parquet.

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Maximum travel of A-axis:

+/-65 degrees (extendable up to 90 degrees)

Maximum travel of C-axis:

Infinite (no limitation)

Maximum speed in A/C axis:

180 degrees/second


≤+/-0.03mm (@vertical cut 30mm thick s/s)

Re-position tolerance:


Tolerance in A/C axis:

≤+/-1.5 arc/min

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