Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine

Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine
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Rotary waterjet cutting machine

Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine has many advantages:

◪ The movement mechanism and the cutting platform separate, each does not affect each other.

◪ The X,Y two axis wire rod is directly connected to the motor through the elastic coupling, which absorbs vibration and has higher transmission precision inRotary Waterjet Cutting Machine.

◪ The loading and unloading space is big, especially suitable for the material size irregular, the loading and unloading way is not fixed, if you purchase the Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine equipment to undertake the external cutting processing primarily.

◪ If you want to change to a larger platform, all you need to do is buy or build a new cutting platform again, which is saving costs.Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine

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Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine -HP Pump

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production details.pngWater-Jet Cutting Applications: Widely used and easy to operate, water-jet cutting is the world's fastest-growing major machining technology. In fact, water-jet cutting capacity is unlimited. The processing plant of all sizes realize the use of ultra-high pressure water-jet bring greater efficiency and productivity. Water-jet processing plant machine tools. Abrasive water-jet technology has quickly entered the continued research and development. Water-jet only need a few auxiliary operations, without heating the area, no heat distortion or other cutting methods lead to mechanical deformation can produce mesh parts can be machined narrow the gap, allows better use of raw materials, because of the multiple parts can be tightly nested. Water-jet easy to use. Under normal circumstances, the training of operators after a few hours to a few hours of continuous production of high-quality parts. Furthermore, the fact water-jet can cut virtually any material and keep the incision smooth.

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Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine








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220v/380v,380v 220v optional


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Cutting material:

Metal,Glass,Stone,Steel,Ceramic,Marble and so on.

Rotary Waterjet Cutting Machine

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