Marble Abrasive CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

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3D waterjet cutting machine

A water jet cutter, also known as a water jet or waterjet, is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance.

5 axis waterjet

Model: TK-Trump50-L3020 TK-C series

1. CNC Cutting Table


3 Axis Waterjet cutting Platform

Cut Area: 3000x2000mm

X axis travel(crossbeam): 3050mm

Y axis travel(side beam): 2050mm

Cut Thickness: 200mm

Z axis travel(vertical): 220mm

3 axis waterjet


3 axis Head

Max Bevel degrees:

N/A (5 axis)


Components and technical datas

metal cutter

Servo Motor and Drivers:

Weihong® Absolute coordinate servo motor system

Ball screws/linear guides:



Max speed in X&Y axis:


Max speed in Z axis:


Max speed in A/C axis:

N/A (5 axis)

Lubricant infiltrate into motion joints, need lubrication termly.

teenking waterjet

Accuracy: +/-0.08 (Squareness/roundness @ square cut 100x100mm 3-axis)

X/Y axis accuracy ≤±0 .05 mm per 300 mm

Repositioning accuracy: ≤± 0.015mm

A,B/C axis accuracy : N/A (5 axis)

Machine structure:

Separate X,Y beam from water capture, no resonance and thermal expansion impact from capture. Annealed & high frequency vibration aging treatment processed ; stainless steel shield for motion component's protection.

cnc cutter machine

Water capture structure:

steel structure capture, Stainless steel(S/S 201#) capture top shield, Adjustable drain level, Replaceable grids,

Max load capacity: 500kg/M2

cnc waterjet

Numeric Control Abrasive Feeder

Feed volume controllable by CNC accurately, programmable by CAM software, save abrasive up to

20%, Water splash proofed IP33, Smooth feeding speed obtain fine cutting result


Dia-line type cutting head:

Available for diamond or ruby orifice/replaceable abrasive/pure water shoot gun/replaceable mixing chamber/high accuracy cutting result

1/4" high pressure tubes made in China, 3/8" high pressure tubes made in Korea

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