Abrasive Water Jet Cutter

Abrasive Water Jet Cutter
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Product Details

Abrasive Water Jet Cutter model: TK-Trump50-G3520-3D-L

CNC Cutting Table

5 Axis Waterjet cutting Platform:Gantry type

Cut Area: 3500x2000mm

X axis travel(crossbeam): 3550mm

Y axis travel(side beam): 2050mm

Cut Thickness: 200mm

Abrasive Water Jet

Abrasive Water Jet Cutter 5 axis 3D Head:

+/-650 (extendable up to +/-900) Japan Harmonic Gearbox

Servo Motor and Drivers:Absolute coordinate servo motor system

Ball screws/linear guides

Max speed in X&Y axis:30m/min

Water Jet Cutter

Abrasive Water Jet Cutter TK-NC Studio CNC System

Configuration: TK-NC Studio® / Windows System

ISA computer, Ethernet , Pentium CPU SSD

BUS Transport Protocol,Absolute Coordinate System,Multi Axis CNC Control Waterjet Cutting System

compatible formats : dxf. nc. cnc. eng. plt. G-code

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