5 Aixs Waterjet With DYP Cutting Head

5 Aixs Waterjet With DYP Cutting Head
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5-Axis DYP Waterjet Machine with Beveling Cutting head TK-TRUMP50-G3020-DYP

5 axis water jet with DYB cutting head

The 5-axis waterjet with beveling cutting head functions almost the same as the 5-axis 3-D super-precision cutting head. The structure is not so complex but the unit is much more robust which makes it good for applications with bad environment such as masonry and stone production. With a lower accuracy coupled with lower cost the beveling head is the best choice for many industries.

In principle, it is still focusing on maintaining the cutting stream to material contact point however, to accomplish such positioning the X, Y, Z, A, and C axes must all coordinate their moves. So instead of just the A and C axes moving as with the 3-D super-precision cutting head there will be five axes moving to maintain the desired cutting stream to material relationship. The mechanism is simpler but we have more machine motion to keep in correct dynamic position.

Because there are multiple axis in motion when changing the angle of cutting the transmission accuracy for each of the five axes will affect the accuracy of the overall operation, so cutting accuracy of this configuration is subject to more possible deviations from the perfect position desired. But, well within the tolerance limits of many types of production.

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5 axis waterjet DYP  cutting head

5 axis water jet DYP details.png