High Accuracy CNC 5 Axis Tilting WaterJet Cutting Machine

High Accuracy CNC 5 Axis Tilting WaterJet Cutting Machine
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5Axis CNC Cutting Platform-5 Axis DYB Water jet

1.5 axis DY waterjet tilting cutting head
The traditional water jet machine has a problem of trailing phenomenon, lead to bend at the bottom of the work piece. It is difficult to overcome. When cutting thick metal, it requires the part is consistent make ensure there is no tolerance. It is hard for the traditional machine.
We design 5 axis tilting head: running on the same 2D program, fix the path on the end of nozzle, let the head tilting with the angle defined by the built-in parameter, to eliminate the taper of cut, and make the part vertical.
the built-in database including most kinds of material, and thickness range from 1mm upto 150mm, combined the cutting speed, tilt angle on different detail, the  acceleration-deceleration, the cutting curve…
Users only need to choose material and thickness, the remain work will be done by automatically.
It can also cut with a taper within + / - 8 degrees, especially suitable for marble, granite and ceramic medallion pattern.
TEENKING has long history in 5 axis tilt-cutting head water jet (the first 5 axis tilt cutting head machine was build in 2010) . It equipped with 5 axis CNC board, 5 axis control software, Panasonic servo system and high precision swivel stage(from Japan). It is stable and high accuracy.
To further extend the service life of the cutting head, we also designed waterproof and dustproof cover, and internal lubrication system, make the compressed air and oil mixture into the arc sliding table of the core of the driving part, and then blow out from the external aperture, which can prevent the dust from entering and break precision parts.


2.5 Axis CNC controller
TK-Trump 3~6 Axis CNC Water-jet Control System:
TEENKING CNC Control card


Supports BLAE. Instruction signals are transferred from I/O bus to first servo driver and then to the next driver from last one. The BLAE mode brings two main benefit:
1. Machine no more back reference!
2. Decrease transmission mistake almost to zero fault!



※19"Touch Screen high technology!



※Remote control machine movement!


Easy operation Built-in TeenKing material database, simply choose material and thickness.
Also support Baumüller servo motor with Absolute value encoder(made in Germany)

3. Water capture tank
The flatness of cutting platform will directly affect the cutting height when processing. The ideal cutting height of the head is about 1~3 mm in order to get good cut result. So the levelness of the working platform is very important. And TEENKING water jet cutting platform flatness is ensured within +/- 0.75 mm.
Considering TEENKING water jet can cut 150mm thick steel plate and with the change of Y axis (500mm larger than before), it can load more than 1000 KG per square meter,
In order not to affect processing, the water overflow level regulator is mounting at the corner outside of the water capture, which is easily to handle water overflow level.
TEENKING automatic "water level control system" is an option, it can up/down water level in few seconds by compressed air, to realize cut under water, reduce splash and noise.

4. Motion system
ball-screw: ABBA (TAIWAN), 32mm Large pitch ball-screw ,less abrasion and more silent.
linear-guide: HIWIN (TAIWAN),
Servo system: Yaskawa absolute encoder servo motors, from Japan; especially increased value 850W motor in Y axis . When suddenly cut-off or alarm, the position do not appear deviation.
all by famous brands which provides strong basis for high accuracy and highly durability.


5.Electrical components:
all wires and cables: with CE or UL certificated,
all sensors: OMRON (Japan), Autonics (Korea), CONTRINEX (Switzerland)
all relays: OMRON (Japan)
all solenoids: FeiTai(China)


6.High-speed movement waterjet CNC cutting table:
advantage of Servo motor drives on the screw rotation greatly reduce the inertia and improve the precision.

7. waterjet steel cutting machine lubrication:
Since 2016, Teenking had new design for lubrication oil system, its build inside the left arm of the X-beam, it looks more fashionable and more convenient.
The oil-immersed lubrication provide good lubrication, but it is only designed for screw rotate drive style but never nut rotate drive style,
it also can't solve the problem of Screw natural sagging bending. So the resistance of the screw nut will become severe, and heavy abrasion and high speed rotating will destroy the machine parts.
TEENKING water jet use more durable nut rotation, can guarantee high accuracy stably in five years, and also support high-speed transmission(upto 20m/min and noiseless).
TEENKING use automatic centralized lubrication, infiltrate into every motion bearings and joints, ensure the machine for long durability, and provide oil alarm when lacking oil.


8. Waterproof & Dustproof
In the process of abrasive cutting, the splash of the dust and water easily turn into screw and guide rail. The rusting will affect the precision of the machine.
TEENKING designed good waterproof and dust proof for machine, ball-screw and linear guides are sealed up strictly, and water fender for the cutting head will avoid strong water splashing into the beam. Furthermore, stainless steel covers are equipped with rolling wheel to stable the sealing strip in fully enclosed state.

Moreover, TEENKING has designed a hidden high-pressure water gun/ high-pressure air gun system at the left side Y-beam, it does not take up any useful places, because it telescopic automatically.

This system is convenient and practical for all users.


9. Mechanical Structure & Protection
TEENKING water jet is mechanics designed, make sure good performance and high machine precision.
In order to make machine durable, we do special UHF annealing process for machine structure, keep long time high precision performance.


10. Stainless Steel Exterior
a. We use abrasive to cut, the dust of abrasive mix water will strongly corrosive(Acidic wastewater in the water tank) and the paint peeling off, stainless steel cover will keep machine always in new condition after clean up by fabric.
b. The paint is easily scraped by material loading, stainless steel cover has no paint on it and it is wearable.


11. Precision of steel water jet cutter
TEENKING present very high precision for cutting, for every machine we will make test report for all accuracy which is needed, for example we cut 100mm diameter circle in 3000 mm/min high speed in each corner, the accuracy of this circle is within +/-0.05mm, and 100mm*100mm square in each corner, the accuracy could reach up to +/-0.02mm.
This is one of TEENKING company's standard acceptance way.

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