Industrial Water Jet Cutter

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TEENKING CNC MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED is a Chinese company founded in 2003 with headquarters in Foshan city and a filial in Hong Kong city.

As a worldwide producer, TEENKING had CE certificated since 2006, and ISO9001 certificated in 2010, we also passed the reexamine every two years and keep our manufacturing quality in best level.

we already owned more than 15 national utility model technology patents, and 3 national invention patents.

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We are the company who concentrate on developing ultra high-pressure pump & Industrial water jet cutter.

We are holding the advanced high technology for 5 axis dynamical and 3D Industrial water jet cutter, as well as 6 axis robotic abrasive/pure Waterjet cutting system.

We are in leading position of designing and manufacturing top quality Industrial water jet cutter in China.

TEENKING has created its reputation successively by supplying more than 600 set of top quality waterjet cutting equipments to worldwide users who are locating in more than 60 countries.

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TEENKING insist in producing excellent quality machine with innovation, and pragmatism, "let TEENKING become a world-trust brand" is always our ambition.

Model: TK-Trump50-G4020-3D-WB

jet cutting machine

5 Axis Waterjet cutting Platform

Cut Area: 3000x6000mm

X axis travel(crossbeam): 3050mm

Y axis travel(side beam): 6050mm

Cut Thickness: 200mm

Z axis travel(vertical): 220mm

water cutting steel

5 axis 3D Head

Max Bevel degrees: +/-650 (extendable up to +/-900)

water cutting table water jetting equipment

Water Blasting Head:

high pressure water blasting head for stone surface cleaning application

water jet cake cutter

water cutting table

Looking cost-effective high-end industrial water jet cutter? Contact Teenking CNC now, which is one of the professional manufacturers in China who is equipped with skillful personnel and advanced equipment. We also deal with customized business to make customers 100% satisfied. Welcome to get our high precision products at competitive price.