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waterjet china

Waterjet china, also known as a water jet or waterjet, is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The term waterjet china refers specifically to the use of a mixture of water and abrasive to cut hard materials such as metal or granite, while the terms pure waterjet china and water-only cutting refer to waterjet cutting without the use of added abrasives, often used for softer materials such as wood or rubber.

waterjet cutting machine china

Waterjet china is often used during fabrication of machine parts. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods.

Waterjet cutting is used in various industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping, and reaming.

  1. Separate water capture design avoid resonance & thermal expansion.

  2. Stainless steel covers avoid rustiness.

  3. Numeric control abrasive feeder controllable by CNC accurately.

  4. Absolute position encoder servo motor/drive.

  5. High accuracy cutting, accuracy within +/-0.05mm.

  6. Laser/Ballbar calibration on all axis

waterjet cutter china

Harmonic drive A & C axis cutting head Max bevel +/-65 degrees

Infinit C axis rotation

Extendable bevel upto +/-90degrees

Cutting on 3D surface

Work with height tracker

Various angle taper cut powered by IGEMS CAD/CAM/Nesting

waterjet machine china

Maximum tilting up to 90 degrees

water jet china

TrumpLine 50hp/80hp/160hp hydraulic high pressure pump

Max pressure reach up to 420MPa, 60 000kpsi,Operating pressure 360MPa

With USA assembled intensifier

water jet cutting machine china

CNC controlling software

Naiky CNC system: Professtional waterjet china CNC control system, works with "nc-studio" the top quality waterjet cutting system from China.

-NC Studio

-NC Editor

-Material data base

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