Brand New 5 Axis Waterjet With Multi Cutting Head .

Brand New 5 Axis Waterjet With Multi Cutting Head .
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Teenking 3-D waterjet cutting machine is the most popular 5 axis cutting system in the waterjet cutting industry. Its 3-D cutting head can do high accuracy vertical kerf taper compensation, eliminate the waterjet taper and corner undercut and also do large angle bevel cutting according to your specific requirements.

It's commonly used in various manufacturing fields since it includes all applications: vertical kerf taper compensating, stone or ceramic parquet cutting, cut with angles up to 65 degrees and cutting on 3-D part surface.Dynamic angular Harmonic Drives motion is achieved using representing the top accuracy of the industry. Support by 3-D CAM,TEENKING systems developed specifically for the waterjet,can cut angle parts to close tolerance requirements.

Most of water jet manufacturers in China can only do +/-45 degree tilting-cut machines, and their C-axis only rotates 540 degrees maximum. Compared with its peer products in China, The Teenking 3-D water jet is able to cut to +/-65 degree and even more. In addition, it has a infinite rotating C-axis which makes Teenking 3-D water jet the best seller domestic and world wide.