5 Axis Water Jet Machine With I Head


Weight : ~15 kg

Angle limit : 0-46°

Mechanical TCP

Backplate to Nozzle center : ~275 mm

Width : ~175 mm

Height : ~320 mm

Material : Anodized aluminum

Included Parts:

-Anodized aluminum design

-Stainless steel screws

-Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings

-Double lip shaft seals

-Touch down device

-Airdriven pneumatic cylinder

-Spinea TS 70 reduction gear

-Timing belt and pulleys 

 Optional parts

-Harmonic Drive CHA-20A for B axis

-Height sensor probe


-High pressure parts

-On/Off valve

-KMT IDE II + Focusing tube


- Max Tilting degree  can up to 46 degree. be popular used in high request cutting accuracy field . 

- 5 axis water jet with I head is new and widely be acceptable by over customer, mainly used steel cutting