5 Axis Waterjet Is One Of The Choices In The Ceramic Stone Parquet Industry

3D beveling head



It's widely used in different industrial manufacturing since it includes all applications:

●vertical kerf taper compensate,

●stone or ceramic parquet cutting,

●cut with bevel angles up to 65 degrees(extendable upto 900 when necessary) 

●cutting on 3D surface with/without bevel.

Dynamic angular HARMONIC DRIVE motion is achieved using representing the top accuracy of the industry.

Support by IGEMS 3D/CAM/Nesting software, TEENKING 3D waterjet cutting machine become the most powerful cutting machine of the waterjet industry.

Teenking 3D water jet is able to cut to +/-65 degree and even more. In addition, it has an infinite rotary C-axis which makes Teenking 3D water jet success and the best selling on global market.


Maximum Travel Of A-Axis:+/-65 degrees (extendable up to 90 degrees)
Maximum Travel Of C-Axis:Infinite (no limitation)
Maximum Speed In A/C Axis:180 degrees/second
Re-Position Tolerance:≤+/-0.015mm
Tolerance In A/C Axis:≤+/-1.5 arc/min