Advantages Of Water Jet Cutting Machine On Metal And Ceramic Stone Field

Advantages of waterjet cutting machine on metal and ceramic stone field

       We know that the waterjet machine can cut a variety of materials, of course, it also has the application of cutting in the field of metal processing and ceramic stone. In the following, we will introduce you to the cutting advantages of waterjet in these two aspects:

5 axis waterjet with 3D cutting head

        1. Application of waterjet cutting machine in metal processing: Taking metal cutting as an example, various processing methods show the situation of blooming, including laser, flame cutting (plasma cutting), electric spark cutting, wire cutting and so on. All kinds of cutting methods have their own advantages, and they all have certain limitations, each occupying a part of the market. However, among many cutting methods, waterjet cutting belongs to a special cold cutting. The kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet is directly used to cut the metal to achieve the cutting purpose. There is no chemical change during the cutting process, and the physical and chemical properties of the cutting material are obtained. No effect, no heat deformation, narrow slit, high precision, smooth surface, clean and pollution-free, can process materials that cannot be processed by traditional means, such as glass, ceramics, composite materials, reflective materials, chemical fiber, heat sensitive materials. The thickness of the waterjet cutting metal material is generally more than 50mm, and has no influence on the material. The cutting metal has a finish of 1.6μm, the cutting precision is ±0.10mm, and can be used for precision forming cutting. In addition, the waterjet is cut in non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. There is also a unique aspect of cutting, no reflective effects and edge loss, plus waterjets have no restrictions on cutting materials.

5 axis cutting sample

2. Application of waterjet  cutting machine in the field of ceramic stone: Water knife is widely used as the main processing machinery in the ceramic stone industry. Its remarkable feature is the complete curve cutting of ceramic stone. Common cases include: large pottery murals, lobby floor mosaics, pottery screens, cabinet shaped countertops, stone art furniture, etc. Arbitrary shape cutting provides an effective tool for artistic creation. The traditional cutting method is usually saw blade cutting, generally only cutting straight lines. When a curve needs to be cut, it is necessary to first make a template that meets the size requirements and then perform the main manual grinding after the preliminary cutting. The waterjet with CNC technology can complete the cutting of any complex shape at one time under the control of the program, providing an effective tool for artistic creation.