Applications Of Water Jet Cutter

Stone & Glass range production for Water jet Cutter

Marble: Floorings, Claddings, Decors, Inlays

Glass: Accessories, Mirrors, Decorations, Stained Glass, Bulletproof Glass, Optical Glass, Leaded Glass

Ceramic: Floorings, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops, Claddings

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Metal & Composites range production for Water jet Cutter

Composite materials: Aerospace Components, Motorsports Components, Prostheses and Systems for the Medical and Orthopaedic Sector

Metal: Flat Sheet Metal, Flanges, Moulds, Spare Parts for Gears, Cutting Samples Moulded for the Oleo-dynamic Sector Special Alloys for the Shipbuilding Sector, Aeronautics and Aerospace industries

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