Brand New 5 Axis Waterjet With Multi Cutting Head .

5 Axis Waterjet with Multi Cutting Heads TK-TRUMP50-G4015-DH


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1.According to the working principle of double cutting heads of 5 axis Waterjet,cutting some thin and soft materials with multi heads can improve the yield greatly.Of course,if you want to cut some thick and hard materials,you can also use multi cutting heads,but it need to increase the power accordingly.

2.1-4 cutting head waterjet machine can work at the same times,which is not only adjust the distance of cutting head,but also choose the quantity of cutting head freely.The cutting head you don’t need to use can remove the end of beam,and does not affect the reasonable cutting range of other cutting heads.

But the important point is,Due to four heads water flow is 1 ton of single head cuttting,so we must choose the High pressure pump with two intensifiers to support the double cutting heads.

Product Details