Characteristics Of Laser Use

To cut a wide range of laser cutting and high cutting speed, narrow kerf, good cutting quality, small heat-affected zone, plus flexible advantages has been widely used in modern industry, laser cutting technology of laser processing technology has become one of the most mature technology. Compared to laser and other light, has the following characteristics: high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity, and high coherence. It is because laser has these four characteristics, which have been widely used, brought to laser processing does not have the value of the following traditional processing features:

(1) due to the contact-free processing and laser beam of energy and speed are adjustable, so you can achieve a variety of processing.
(2) can be used to process various metals, non-metallic, especially high hardness, brittleness and high melting point materials.
(3) laser processing in the course of "tool" worn, no "force" acting on the workpiece.
(4) the laser processing of small heat-affected zone of the workpiece, workpiece thermal deformation is small, small amount of subsequent processing.
(5) the laser through a transparent medium for workpiece processing within a sealed container.
(6) the laser is easy to guide. By focusing on the transformation can be achieved easily with NC system for complex workpiece machining, laser cutting is a very flexible approach to cutting.
(7) the laser processing with high efficiency, process quality is stable and reliable, economic and social benefits