Choosing A Good Quality Water Jet Machine Is Very Important

How to buy a good waterjet machine

How to choose a high-pressure waterjet cutting equipment with good overall performance, low operating cost, and low maintenance cost is awkward for most waterjet users. Many customers are unfamiliar with the principle of the waterjet and add individual manufacturer's business. Exaggerated false promises increase the mystery of waterjet equipment. Some customers choose water jet to rely on blindly relying on the brand, familiar with the use of friends, self-simple judgments, but mistakenly gave up new technology waterjets with stable performance, and made their waterjet processing passive in the market.

Waterjet equipment:

As its name suggests, the waterjet is a cutting device that uses water as a knife. Therefore, the pressure of water is the most important, which determines the cutting efficiency.


Three indicators of high pressure water for high pressure water cutting equipment:

The bigger the cutting pressure, the faster the cutting speed.

The smaller the pressure fluctuations, the more stable the equipment and the lower the maintenance costs!

Flow at high pressure is sufficient, large jewels can be used, cutting efficiency is high!

The role of gemstones:

Gemstones are further bundled and guided by high pressure water, in order to better achieve the cutting needs! The premise of cutting pressure and cutting fluctuations remain unchanged, the larger the gem, the greater the flow, the stronger the cutting ability!

Therefore, the selected waterjet equipment must be equipped with high-voltage electronic digital display instruments, which can be used to check the pressure and pressure fluctuations at any time. It is even more necessary to use the equipment cutting pressure, pressure fluctuation index, and gem size as a technique.

The terms of the operation are written in the equipment purchase contract and are a necessary condition for equipment acceptance.