CNC Plasma Cutter Torch Maintenance

First, CNC plasma cutting machine, key cutting is divided into:-contact and non-contact arc cutting-arc cutting, however, when cutting for different plates of these two kinds of cutting methods are different, have different scope: first of all, we take a look at the difference between these two kinds of cutting methods.

Direct contact-contact cutting plate, light arc cutting plate deformation less than 2mm, CNC flame cutting machine cutting of narrow, stable cutting. Non-contact cutting general need to start cutting at the distance plate 5-8mm. Its advantage is that it can cut thicker boards, better cooling effect than contact.

Also both cutting's shortcomings are obvious. Touch plate heat rebound to cut cut by Tsui, short service life, will not cut a plate. Non-contact cutting kerf width, because away from the parent material, not suitable for cutting sheet metal.

To sum up, we buy CNC plasma cutting machine or manual plasma cutting machine, gantry CNC cutting machine, a first for us to cut the plate features a clear understanding. Then choose our cuts. In General, advertising plasma cutting machine CNC cutting machine industry is-contact cutting, water cutting, carbon steel plate cutting, CNC plasma cutting machines power supply using non-contact plasma cutting machine, can effectively prevent perforation of the cutting process, cutting nozzle and electrode loss! Should be how to maintain our equipment in daily use in our mouth?

A perforated cut as little as possible, desktop CNC cutting machine, perforated steel anti-splashing will hurt the nozzle, which is cutting damaged one of the main reasons, if you have to punch cutting, preferably at the perforation drill bit pre-drill, starting at the pre-drill cut;

II, and portable NC cutting machine as in cutting machine rated of normal cutting thickness range within cutting, as don't in limit cutting thickness Shang cutting, domestic cutting machine of normal cutting thickness General is production manufacturers mark of maximum cutting thickness of 60% (cases domestic 100A, ion cutting machine manufacturers mark maximum cutting thickness General for 32mm, but General normal cutting thickness only 15-20mm), small NC cutting machine as in this thickness range within cutting, on can best of protection cut mouth;

Three, and cut mouth to plate of distance as keep constant, General in 3-8mm around, too far has not only power consumption too big, cutting penetrating capacity force will declined, and relative compared consumption electrode, makes electrode using life declined; too near has that more simple, very fee nozzle, nozzle of using life will multiplied of declined, even and up that was burn off; certainly plasma of electrode nozzle of using life also Yu other some factors about, like said: entered voltage of level, and electrode itself of quality, and Quality of plasma cutting machines and equipment levels, CNC cutting machine plasma cutting quality, user experience, and so on, but the most important is more than 3 points, 3 points out of electrode nozzle service life will be greatly improved.