Container Loaded On 27 November, 2019 To Russia


Congratulations to TEENKING!

A 3D water jet cutting machine was loaded on 27 November 2019 to Russia,

it was a 5 axis waterjet machine with cutting area of 3000x2000m equipped with our most popular hot sale product of 3D cutting head (with +/-65 beveling degrees, extendable upto 90 degrees).

actually, 3000x2000mm and 4000x2000mm size was the most popular models in the market all around the world, if you are on the waterjet industrial, you should of notice this, if not, you should of known it by now.

here below I would like to share some container loading photos of this machine which was shipped to Russia 2 days ago.


high pressure pump


CNC controller


XY beams


water tank


perfectly loaded, fixed and sealed.