Double Cutting Head Waterjet

5 axis water jet with double cutting head 

         In the field of waterjets, the single-head waterjets  machine were used in the past. Mainly is the 3-axis waterjets with double cutting hed, However, 3axis water jet machine have already can't meet with the market request. With the continuous improvement of technology and the improvement of cutting requirements, the new 5-axis double-head waterjet has been introduced.

          Teenking 5 axis waterjet double cutting head machine have been apply in market sicne 2016, it widely be used in metal , stone ,glass filed, 

          The working princinple of 5-axis double cutting head waterjet machine is that the two cutter heads are moving and cannot move or stop independently of each other. but accuracy keed same and high. 3D 双刀头 图片.png