First Teenking Waterjet Going To USA In 2018

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Good machine needs good protection when loading and transportation, especially for seaway transportation. For every machine going out from Teenking company to all over the country and the world, Teenking team will wrap and pack every machine parts and units with good protector and packing materials.

We just loaded a 2-head waterjet system for our USA customer last week. It’s designed to match the different cutting requirements, the 5-axis 3D waterjet head for complicated tilting cut and 3-axis 2D one for simple straight-down cut, and both head working for rush orders in busy seasons. This waterjet will arrive at customer’s plant two weeks later. At once it starts to work, let it be a cash cow working well for every waterjet cutting service orders.


Now let’s see how we do packing!

waterjet loading.jpg

The support beam supporting for bridge is wrapped by foam rubber skin and anti-dust film. The bridge carrying the 2 waterjet heads is the most important part of the whole system. It must get the highest level protection. Any knock against and violent vibration may affect the inside electronic components and sensor parts, thus the cutting accuracy may be changed. Besides the tight wrapping for water & dust proof, we settle the bridge on the metal shelf and fix it with screws and metal bars. As the intensifier high pressure pump and CNC controller has many sensitive electric components and sensors, we incase them into the wooden cases separately. 

This customer is a beginner in water jet cutting service field but not very familiar with waterjet machine mounted. For customer’s easy locate the different waterjet units in place, we label every units outside the packing. When the customer unload the container, he can locate the units according to our machine layout sketch map. It’s just a piece of cake even this is a big waterjet with many advanced optional units. 

waterjet layout.png

By Yanki, Teenking Waterjet