Height Tracking System Of Waterjet Machine

Height tracking system of waterjet machine 

The best cutting height of the cutting head is about 3mm, it’s not easy to measure the accurate, usually estimated only by visual.

Moreover, even if its accurately set the height of cutting, but because of the uneven workpiece itself, the best cutting height is 3mm to keep. And also because the table itself riffles loss becomes increasingly uneven

Teenking waterjet developed automatic altimeter, when start cutting, you do not care about height of the cutting head, the machine will automatically and quickly and accurately measure the optimum cutting height, and then start cutting, the cutting process, it is possible altimeter automatically according to set a good pitch, constantly automatically altimeter and automatically adjusted to the optimum cutting height.

Waterjet Cutting automatic altimeter has been an insurmountable threshold, because there is no long-term sensor can withstand strong splash of water and sand and dust, the poor working environment so that it cannot be accurately and reliably detect the cutting tip height.

Designers from Teenking water jet have designed this safe and reliable automatic alitmeter, altimeter either automatically cut at the beginning, and the cutting process can be automatically re-altimeter, that a cutting head automatically track surface, and to set the cutting height to cutting error is less than 1mm. Therefore, even if the cutting uneven surface, Teenking waterjet can handle it freely.

And this automatic altimeter can also be applied on double cutting heads or multi cutting heads Simultaneously altimetry.