How To Effectively Reduce The Wear Of The Cutting Nozzle


Water jet cutting is a new type of cold processing technology. It can be used in harsh conditions and where fireworks is strictly prohibited. It has received wide attention. Water jet cutting is a high-tech achievement integrating machinery, electronics, computer and automatic control technology. A new material processing method that has only been developed in recent years.

   Low-pressure water jet cutting is to pre-mix high-pressure water (14-69MPa) and cutting abrasive in a pressurized storage tank, and then send the mixed abrasive slurry directly to the cutting gun through a hose for cutting. The cutting workpiece can be cut 500m away from the cutting power source or underwater. High-pressure water jet cutting is to transport high-pressure water (greater than 240MPa) and dry abrasive through their respective hoses, and then mix them in the mixing chamber of the cutting gun to complete the cutting process of the object. The workpiece is generally cut by the cutting power supply. Proceed nearby. When low-pressure and high-pressure water jet cutting are carried out under the same conditions, the consumption of water and cutting abrasive of the former is 1/8~1/3 of the latter; from the structure of the cutting gun, the cutting gun of low-pressure water jet cutting is relatively Simpler; in terms of energy consumption, low-pressure water jet cutting consumes less energy. Therefore, low-pressure water jet cutting is currently the most effective cutting method.

    In addition to sufficient toughness and hardness, the cutting nozzle has good wear resistance, which can effectively reduce the wear of the cutting nozzle and increase its service life. Due to the wear of the inner diameter of the nozzle, the gap of the incision will be widened and the verticality of the incision section will decrease. Tungsten, silicon or cemented carbide are usually used as the material for cutting nozzles, but the service life is not ideal. At present, it is considered that sapphire is more suitable as the nozzle material.