Intensifire Common Fault Handling Method (2)

Second, the HP intensifire does not change direction

There is pressure not to change direction

1. The  nozzle is blocked

2. The water switch is not open or the air pressure is not enough

Normal water switch pressure reaches 0.6MPA

3. Reversing mechanism problem

Question 1: Whether the shift sensor switch can alternately send a commutation signal.

Solution: Adjust the position of the shift sensor assembly probe and magnet.

Question 2: How to judge the quality of the sensor switch?

Solution: Use a magnet to alternately contact the inductive switches on both sides, observe the lighting condition of the plug on the reversing valve to determine which side of the inductive switch is damaged, and replace it.

4. Control the reversing relay K8 or K9 is damage

Solution: Replace the small relay of K8 or K9

5. The reversing valve is damaged or stuck

Solution: Clean the reversing valve with gasoline or replace it

No pressure, no reversal (usually no pressure is related to the oil circuit)

1. Check if the oil pump is working properly.

Check that the direction of the oil pump is selected and the working flow of the oil pump is correct.

2. Check if the relief valve is energized or damaged.

Check one: Is the plug of the relief valve energized?

Check 2: Clean the overflow valve with gasoline or replace the relief valve

3. The operator must check the power, water and air source and the abrasive supply in the equipment before starting the machine every day.

4. Wipe the machine before leaving work every day to ensure that the equipment is clean. Never flush the machine directly with water.

5. The operator needs to master certain equipment maintenance knowledge. Don't worry about the operation, everything else is solved by the mechanic.

6. When the equipment needs to be transferred, please contact the factory for guidance. Failure to disassemble or lift the equipment by yourself may cause unnecessary damage.