Internal Fault Monitoring System For CNC Cutting Machine

Internal fault monitoring and control system of CNC cutting machine:
, Fault information display
Alarm display the contents differ according to numerical control system. In numerical control systems, fault information is generally in the form of alarm display appears. Most of these messages appear as alarming numbers with text, manufacturer's maintenance instructions supplied in CNC system can be found on common content and general troubleshooting.
Second, internal status display
1. the display indicates the system is in a sudden stop or an external reset signal on State;
2. display of memory contents and the abnormal state of magnetic bubble memory;
3. create a circular directive does not implement external causes;
4. display encoder, grating position measure components of input pulses;
5. display location followed by mistake;
6. display of servo Locke moved part of the control information; 7. display alarm error tape hole location.
Three, interface signals
Maintenance must be aware CNC system between the machine and the meaning of the signals and signal generation to undo should have a variety of conditions. Interface signal can display control system between the machine and the current status of all interface signals, mainly refers to the number of input/output signal switching, help analyze failures.