Laser Cross Line Positioning System Of Water Jet Machine

Laser cross line positioning system of waterjet cutting machine 

When the shape of the workpiecce is in an irregular shape,for example, marbles which are just out of ground, it’s hard to calculate the cutting range on the cutting table, so as long as the laser cross line positioning system is open, it can search for the location of cutting range immediately.


Another role is, no matter how high the cutting head has raised up to, all you do is put on the laser cross line positioning system, it can search for the location of cutting head immediately, this will let the cutting location be more convenient.

The original point it is needed to be set as a preparation work before starting any cutting work, with the help of TeenKing laser cross positioning system, it’s able to see the location of cutting head, the irregular of workpiece is immediately been seen with its working range, it can also avoid from cutting out of shape.

Teenking laser cross positioning system also comes with a water proof and dust proof protection device, it encloses the laser cutting light automatically while the machine is working, and it can be automatically on again after the cutting works are done