Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Speed And Cutting Effect

Laser cutting burrs, wrinkle-free, and high accuracy. On many electromechanical manufacturing industry for, due to computer program of modern NC laser cutting system can convenient cutting different shape and size of artifacts, it often than rushed cut, and molded process more was priority selection; despite laser cutting machine of processing speed also slow Yu die rushed, but it no mold consumption, without repair mold, also save replaced mold time, to save has processing costs, reduced has production cost, so from General Shang consider is more pays of. In industrial manufacturing systems have very heavy metal processing industry, many metallic materials, regardless of it's hardness, can be cut without deformation. However, the highly reflective material, such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum, because they are good conductors of heat transfer, laser cutting is difficult, or even cut.

Laser cutting adds a secondary steam is fit with the material to be cut. Steel cutting oxygen as the secondary vapour exothermic chemical reactions with the molten metal oxide materials, while helping to blow away slotted in the slag. Polypropylene a plastic cutting with compressed air, cotton, paper and other combustible material cutting the use of inert gas. Into the auxiliary steam nozzle cooling focusing lens, preventing pollution in the soot into the lens the lens and cause the lens to overheat. Laser cutting machine in the choose of cutting speed is also very important when cutting, optimal cutting speed ranges can be selected according to the device instructions or tests to determine, due to the thickness of the material, different materials, high and low melting point and thermal conductivity as well as factors such as the surface tension of molten, cutting speed can also change accordingly.


A. cutting speed increase in moderation can improve the quality of incision, which is slightly narrower upper surface, smooth, and can reduce the deformation.

B. cutting too fast making the cutting line drops below the desired value, slit-Jet fast blow molten melt immediately cut off to form a larger drag, accompanied by cutting slag, hang cut surface quality.

C. Dang cutting speed too low Shi, due to cutting at is plasma arc of anode, to maintained arc itself of stable, anode spots or anode district must to in away from arc recently of cut sewing near found conduction current place, while will to Jet of radial passed more of heat, so makes incision variable wide, incision sides melting of material in end of margin gathered and solidification, formed easily cleanup of hanging slag, and incision Shang margin for heating melting too much and formed round angle.

D. when extremely low, due to the wide incision, arc even went out. Thus, good cut quality and cutting speed are inseparable.