Metal Applications


      Water cutting is also known as waterjet. The English name is high-pressure water cutting, which is a high-pressure water jet cutting technology. It is a machine that uses high-pressure water to cut. Nanjing Hezhan waterjet can bring great changes to our production and life. This cutting technology is a modern cutting technology with multi-purpose and perfect performance. Its biggest feature is the high-pressure and high-energy jet beam processing without heat source. The non-thermal process can achieve advantages in many fields that other equipment cannot compare. It has the characteristics of no thermal deformation, flat cut, no dust and no pollution, and reduced material waste. The functions and uses of water jets involve all aspects of production and life. The following is a detailed list of the functions in each field. Among the many cutting methods, water cutting is a special kind of cold cutting. It uses the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet to cut the metal to achieve the purpose of cutting. There is no chemical change during the cutting process, and it has no effect on the material performance and no heat. Deformation, narrow slit, high precision, smooth cut surface, clean and pollution-free.

Metal cutting is a processing step that almost all materials need to go through, and the cutting methods used for different materials are also different. For metal materials, there are multiple options such as wire cutting, water cutting, and laser cutting. But which one to choose depends on the cutting performance and cutting quality, and the cost is also one of the aspects.

       Wire cutting is the earliest cutting method, but there is no way to meet the processing needs of modern industry, so it is gradually replaced by other cutting methods. But comparing it with water cutting, wire cutting has an obvious advantage, that is, the cutting surface is relatively neat, but the speed is too slow, resulting in too low production efficiency and unacceptable. The laser cutting is ideal in all aspects, that is, the cost is relatively high, not all companies can afford it, and this method is also powerless for thick metal materials.

       The rest is water cutting. On the whole, it is better than wire cutting and laser cutting, so it has become the most widely used cutting method. The reason why it is good is that it can cut any material, and there is no requirement for thickness; and the price is moderate, cost-effective, and it is the most ideal cutting equipment.

       The waterjet equipment of Nanjing Hezhan can cut the workpiece at will under the control of the computer, and it is not affected by the texture of the material. Because of its low cost, easy operation and high yield rate, Nanjing Hezhan waterjet equipment is gradually being recognized by more and more customers in terms of industrial cutting technology and non-metal cutting.

       Teenking Waterjet, the main products are gantry water cutting equipment, cantilever water cutting equipment, mobile water cutting equipment, high pressure cleaning equipment and so on.

       Teenking water jet, gantry water cutting equipment, cantilever water cutting equipment, mobile water cutting equipment, high-pressure cleaning equipment inherits many advantages such as cold cutting, environmental protection and pollution-free, small size, easy to carry, and strong functions. Applications: Special police detonation, hazardous materials destruction, fire rescue, petrochemical, road and bridge maintenance, tunnel mining, ship cutting, coal mining and other high-risk fields. Non-contact cold working process, no coking and hot cracking, no secondary processing.

       Teenking waterjet, as well as gantry water cutting equipment for ceramic tiles, cantilever water cutting equipment, mobile water cutting equipment, high-pressure cleaning equipment, gantry water cutting equipment, three-axis water cutting equipment, five-axis water Cutting equipment and more