More Additional Pump For You To Choose

      Instead of Teenking Trumpline HP. waterjet pump ,  we also can provide you other brand's pump , such as  Proline Pump form Project .

      The Proline model includes a series of waterjet high pressure pumps ranging from 30 to 100 hp and can be customized with SL IV, SL IV+, SL V, or SL V+ intensifier. The Proline Series is based on industry standard, especially for waterjet cutting .components such as Siemens soft start, Siemens PLC, and an operator panel from Siemens.Further, Proline offers complete interchange ability with the KMT product range.

      Main Benefits:

          80% energy savings in idle mode compared to a standard pump

             50% Average energy savings (Normal operation of pump)

             Lower noise level. 50 hp Proline pump with Sytronix: 61dB in idle mode 71 dB in 75% load and 73 dB in 100% load (Standard pump 90 dB)

            Longer life due to lower average motor speed

           50% less cooling demand (Normal operation of pump)