Operation And Maintenance Of High Pressure Pump Of Water Cutting Machine

  1. Operation and maintenance must be carried out by personnel trained by the company and certified.

  2. The operator should always implement the safety requirements to avoid possible personal injury and unnecessary equipment downtime.

  3.  It is necessary to clearly define and abide by the operating responsibilities of ultra-high pressure pumps to ensure that there is no related confusion such as unclear responsibilities in the safe area.

  4.  Ensure that all protective devices, protective covers or protective covers, etc. should always be correctly placed on the relevant equipment.

  5. Ensure that the work area around the equipment is clean and free of any debris and oil spills.

  6. When operating or working near the equipment, goggles and ear protection should be worn.

  7. The user must start the ultra-high pressure pump when the ultra-high pressure pump is in good condition.

  8. If the ultra-high pressure pump has any changes that affect safety, the operator must immediately report to the owner. Before the operation and maintenance of the high-pressure pump of the water cutting machine, the operation and maintenance must be carried out according to the specified requirements. The daily work must always follow the instructions of this operation, and pay attention to safe operation, maintenance and maintenance.