Really Amazing Teenking Waterjet Cutting Machine

          Today is a normal day, but it is a good day for Teenking company. Because customer from two different country are visiting Teenking . they are checking the Teenking water jet quality and performance, with great interesting. 

          Especially they are interested in theTeenking high pressure pump with ERTI ( USA) intensifier or H2O Jet intensifier top works. Because stabilization have already beyond the imported pump such as KMT, and BFTD. When they heard about the Teenking 600Mpa intensifier pump, they are showing great interest. To be frank, Equipment from Teenking water jet , always is top quality and backed by knowledgeable service.

         The Teenking high pressure pumps large scope from the beginning with 360Mpa to current 600Mpa ,have demonstrated high quality.  

         Tomorrow Teenking will bring more new and high technology products from Teenking , you can be share.