Reason And Solution Of Oil Temperacture Rise (1)

Causes and treatment methods of oil temperature rise in intensifire system of water jet machine.

First, the high temperature of the oil

1.Hydraulic oil viscosity, volumetric efficiency and hydraulic system work efficiency are reduced, leakage increases, and even mechanical equipment can not work properly.

2. The parts of the hydraulic system expand due to overheating, which destroys the original normal fit clearance of the relative moving parts, resulting in increased frictional resistance and easy seizure of the hydraulic valve. At the same time, the lubricating oil film becomes thinner and mechanical wear increases, resulting in pumps, valves, The precision mating surface of the motor or the like is disabled or scrapped due to premature wear.

3. Accelerate the deterioration of the rubber seals and shorten the service life until the sealing performance is lost: the lighter system causes serious leakage of the hydraulic system, and the heavy one causes the hydraulic system piston and low pressure cylinder to be strained.

4. oil vaporization, water evaporation, easy to make the hydraulic components cavitation; oil oxidation to form a gel-like deposit, easy to block the oil filter and small holes in the hydraulic valve, so that the hydraulic system can work normally.

Therefore, the excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil will seriously affect the normal use of the machine, reduce the service life of the hydraulic components, and increase the maintenance cost of the construction machinery.