Reason And Solution Of Oil Temperacture Rise (2)

Second, the reason for the rise in oil temperature

1. The fuel tank is set at a high temperature near the high temperature heat radiation source.

2. The hydraulic system produces various energy losses due to various pressure losses (such as overflow, decompression, etc.)

3. The fuel tank is designed with a cooling area.

4. The oil is degraded or the viscosity of the selected oil is appropriate. The deteriorated oil turned black

More viscous hydraulic oil.

Third, how to control the rise of oil temperature

1. Try to avoid the heat source and put it in a well ventilated place;

2. Adjust the oil pump flow to reduce the high pressure overflow loss and reduce the system heating;

3. Select the hydraulic components of the original regular manufacturer;

4. Correctly select the viscosity of the oil;

5. An oil cooler can be installed near the high temperature heat source or when the equipment is continuously operated for a long time.

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