Stone Parquet


At present, there are two sets of software for waterjet parquet,“cad”and “cam”, most of which use “cad”. Using ultra-high pressure technology, ordinary tap water can be pressurized to a pressure of 380-450Mpa, and then sprayed through a jewel nozzle with an inner hole diameter of about 0.05-0.33mm to form a high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000m/s, commonly known as water arrow , The water jet has high energy and can be used to cut soft base materials. If you add an appropriate amount of abrasive to the water jet, it can be used to cut almost all soft and hard materials. Adjusting the pressure and flow rate of the water jet can be used to clean various objects, such as removing glue, paint, and rust. We can also use ultra-high pressure technology for autoclaving, food preservation, and many other jobs that are beneficial to humans.